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Blogging Tips: What Do You Want Your Customer to Know?

Blue Rise Media - Blogging TipsBlogging is a great way to market to consumers in a friendly and conversational voice. While the overall information that is included in a blog is important, the tone of voice the author uses, the chosen topic, the quality of the writing and the frequency with which blogs are posted can also speak volumes about a business.

Blue Rise Media - Blogging Tips

Define Your Standpoint and Audience

The first part of writing website content in the form of a blog post is choosing an audience and a standpoint. The age, location and overall comprehension level of the audience will have a huge impact on the way the content should be written. Writers should also be sure to choose a specific standpoint and stick with it throughout the majority of the postings. Some bloggers choose to approach subjects with humor, but others stick to a purely informational agenda. When they are blogging, it is important for writers to remember to post their opinions very carefully. Choosing sides may be off-putting to readers and it may cause entire demographics to seek products and services elsewhere.

Choose a Topic

Blogging is a process by which information is delivered to consumers in a semi-formal tone, so writers can be a bit more creative when it comes to choosing their topics. For instance, a grocery store owner may choose to write about funny or perhaps terrifying mishaps in the grocery business and how they were overcome. While this may not seem incredibly informational, it is leaving an impression in the consumers’ minds that the business is one that has persevered through difficult times. In turn, consumers will feel as if they can trust the business. Choose narrow topics when blogging as opposed to very broad ones; this will help the reader to remain focused.

Write Effectively

The quality of the content that is produced during the blogging process says a lot about the quality of the business. Articles that are poorly written, difficult to understand, or filled with grammar and spelling errors will not do much to portray a professional image. Businesses who use blogging for online branding should also consider Search Engine Optimization. By using keywords and phrases throughout the content, it becomes easily indexed by the leading search engines. Therefore, when a consumer searches for one of those keywords, the blog will be among the first set of results on the page. This increases website traffic and builds a larger customer base.

Choose a Posting Frequency

The final thing to consider when blogging is the frequency at which new posts will be added. Posting too frequently may seem like a nuisance to readers, particularly if they are subscribed to email notifications. On the other hand, posting too infrequently will not gain the consumer interest that the business needs. Blogging once per week or so is the industry norm, but many companies blog daily—and others monthly—depending upon the volume of information and the changes happening within the company.

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase readership and website traffic. Business owners and writers must be able to decide what it is they want their customers to know and then write it in a way that is targeted for their audience, free from errors and completely on-topic.

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