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Blogging Tips: What Does Your Customer Want to Know?

Blue Rise Media - Blogging TipsAlthough blogging is a great way to advertise online and generate website traffic, it is only effective when writers provide customers the information they want. For this reason, during the blogging process, it is important to consider the industry, the products and services being offered, and why they should appeal to consumers.

Consider the Audience

When it comes to blogging and figuring out what will interest readers, the most important thing a writer can do is consider the audience. If the product is geared toward young children, it is likely that young to middle-aged adults will be the primary audience. However, if the product is designed to appeal to senior citizens, it is generally safe to assume that the majority of the readers will be over the age of 60. When blogging, writers should be sure to remember that the content needs to appeal to these demographics in more than one way. It should be easy to read, informative, and relative to their age and lifestyles.

Relate to the Industry

The next thing that writers should consider is the industry in which the company operates. As an example, if a company designs and manufactures high-tech electrical components, readers will expect information that is very detailed. On the other hand, if the company manufactures furniture, the logistics of the manufacturing process are not important details. Effective blogging requires quite a bit of thought on the writer’s part, so it may even be helpful to interview people who fit within the targeted audience to find out what they would like to know about the particular industry. Over time, and particularly if comments on the blog are allowed, readers will make their opinions and ideas for new topics heard.

What Consumers Like

Blogging is a skill that requires writers to pay careful attention to the reactions of the readers. They must be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that consumers like about blog posts and continue to provide information of the same type. Consumers like to learn about new and innovative products, particularly if they are not offered by any other company. They also like information about contests, savings opportunities, related products and services and sometimes even household tips for using a product or service creatively. Blogging about the value that consumers will get out of products and services is one of the most creative and effective ways to create a subliminal call to action. 

What to Avoid

There are certain things that writers should avoid when blogging, regardless of the targeted audience. Opinions are not necessary when it comes to giving consumers the information that they need. Blogging is only effective when consumers feel as if they are being allowed to form their own opinions—not when they feel as if the writer is trying to force his or her own opinions on them. Second, avoid using SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—that is obvious. This makes consumers feel as if they are reading an advertisement instead of a blog.

Blogging is about much more than simply getting the information across. When blogging, writers must be able to consider the demographic that are being targeted, provide website content that is related to the industry, and ensure that the overall tone of the message urges consumers to make a purchase either now or in the future.

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