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Email Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Need It

Email Marketing - Blue Rise Media

With all of the different ways to market a product, service or business online, many people forget about traditional email marketing. This form of marketing is still incredibly effective and it makes a nice companion for any other advertising method, as well.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Email Marketing:

1.  Simple

Setting up an email marketing campaign is incredibly easy as long as business owners know where to find the right tools. Reputable and effective bulk email tools can help business owners get their messages to their target audiences quickly and legally.

2.  Cost Effective

Email marketing is an affordable form of marketing and many of the tools available online are free. Of course, the best features come with paid versions of the software. Business owners can choose to download the software to their computers or use a web-based program.

3.  Personalized

Email communication allows business owners to greet each individual prospect, client or customer by name. This simple tactic helps businesses to form a tighter bond with their customers by making them feel appreciated and welcomed.

4.  Track the Results

Email marketing is one of the only Internet marketing strategies that feature results that can be tracked. Business owners will be able to determine their click-through rates, conversion rates and the methods by which consumers reached their websites at-a-glance.

Email Marketing - Blue Rise Media

5.  Worldwide Reach

Television, radio and print ads have a limited scope, but email marketing lists can have a global reach. There is no cost to send an email all the way around the world and they always reach their destinations unharmed. Some bulk email programs even allow for automatic translation based upon the recipient’s location.

6.  Consumers can Opt-In or Opt-Out

Unlike mailers and media-based commercials, consumers can decide on their own whether or not they want to accept emails from a particular business. This allows business owners to determine exactly who is—and who is not—interested in the products and services they provide.

7.  Target Specific Demographics

Business owners who use email marketing have access to lists of individuals and their email addresses, ages, locations, interests and more. By using this information, it is possible to send emails only to people in certain locations or who fit within a certain age group.

8.  24-Hour Marketing

Due to the hectic lives that most consumers lead these days, they are often faced with serious time shortages. As a result, they need information that is available on their own time frames. Email marketing ensures that customers can learn more about products and services, and perhaps even place orders, when it is convenient for them to do so.

9.  Interactivity

Television ads and other forms of advertisement leave little to the imagination. Email advertisements, on the other hand, are completely interactive. Consumers can click different links within the content to access different information on websites.

10. Fast Response

It is much quicker and convenient for consumers to respond to an email when compared to the time it takes for consumers to respond to direct mail. Email responses can be expected in two or three days; direct mail responses often take two to three weeks.

Email marketing campaigns are some of the most effective ways to promote a business online. They are easy, affordable and completely personalized for any particular industry or niche.

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