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Email Marketing List Building: A 5 Step Journey – INFOGRAPHIC

Email Marketing List Building is essential for a strong business.  Your list should be vibrant and growing with engaged customers and prospects.  List building is not just a web strategy, it’s part of your marketing strategy and one that provides a massive opportunity to interact with customers and prospects and generate business.  One-time customers can be turned into repeat customers, and prospects can be turned to customers when you properly build your Email Marketing list.

Email Marketing List Building can be achieved in a five-step journey and one that will prove to be effective!

A 5 Step Journey to Email Marketing List Building:

Step One:  The first step in the journey to build your Email Marketing List is to decide how you will capture your leads.  You will have the option of software or a service.  The difference between the two is that with software you will run it yourself.  Out of the two, the software is typically less expensive, as there is no recurring cost.  The downside to software is that it is often hard to set up and reserved for those who are code and script savvy.  Web services are a monthly cost; however, they offer great tutorials, support and are easy to use.

Step Two:  The second Email Marketing List Building step is to think of an offer.  You know how you will run your campaign and now it is time to determine how to entice people to opt-in to your email list.  The reason for the offer is that you will have many more people opting into your list if you have something to offer them.  If you do not have something to offer, then consider the purchase of a high quality PLR product that will add value to your target market.

Step Three:  Now that you have the first two steps in your Email Marketing List Building Campaign solved, it is time to set up your campaign.  Here, you will want to set up your email service so that when an individual opts into your list, they receive a message immediately thanking them for their interest.  Your software or service will have instructions on how to set up auto response messages.  Once you have set up your auto-responder you will need to add an opt in form to your website or landing pages.  Here again, your service or software will have the instructions on how to do this.   Once you have your opt in set up, test it to make sure your offer is delivered when interested parties sign up to your Email Marketing list.

Step Four:  Step four of your Email Marketing List Building Campaign involves generating traffic.  Here, there are a number of ways to drive traffic to your site or blog.  Social networks are a great means to drive traffic to your site as well as Facebook ads.  Another means to bring consumers to the site is to conduct a webinar based on your expertise.  You might also want to contact business owners that already have a list and ask them to send a message to their list on your behalf in regards to your offer.

Step Five:  Step five in your Email Marketing List Building Campaign is to engage your list!  Now that you have set your campaign up and driven traffic to your site and captured emails it is time to put your list into action.  Stay in contact with your list.  Offer list subscribers relevant information and free value to build a relationship.  You might like to generate a series of emails that are sent over a specific period.  Once you have built a rapport with your list you can then begin to market to the list.  Be sure not to spam your list.  Nothing will make subscribers flee your list quicker than spam filled sales message with little to offer.

Email Marketing List Building - Infographic

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