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Google Plus Cheat Sheet: Google+ Shortcuts & Tips – INFOGRAPHIC

Google+ is a social networking and identity service that is operated by Google Inc.  Launched in 2011, it is still in its infancy. However, within two short weeks of its launch, Google+ had reached 10 million users. One month after its launch it had 25 million unique visitors. Its success is tremendous to date with many interested individuals getting involved in what it has to offer.

Features of Google+ include:

Stream:  Streams occupy the middle three columns on a page and are used to view updates from those in the users Circles.

Circles:  Circles enable users to share with others.  Circles are much like following people on Twitter.  You or they may be followed but do not have to follow in return.

Hangouts:  Hangouts are places used to facilitate group video chat.

Other features include:  hash tags, search, data liberation, ripples, games, sparks, instant upload, and messenger.

Google Plus Cheat Sheet – Google+ Shortcuts & Tips

Google+ is still young and there will likely be more additions than these; however, the following Google Plus Cheat Sheet with helpful shortcuts and tips will definitely be of help and save you time as you explore this new Social Media platform.

> If you would like to quickly insert a photo, video or website link, just drag the link into your share box.

> Need to set a permalink to a certain post? Just click on the timestamp beside the name to see it.

> If you do not want other people to share your post, click on the arrow at the top right of the post and choose “Lock Post.  When you share with your circles your friends can see your circles.  When you share with the public, anyone can see your shared content.

> To limit whom you share a particular post with, you just click on the “limited” tag to see exactly who can see it.

> Resize the chat window by clicking on the edge of the window and dragging it.

> Scroll through picture albums by using your mouse scroll wheel.

> Click on someone’s profile picture to rotate through past profile pictures.

> Use the @ symbol to mention people in posts and comments.

> Enter your name in the text box on your profile to see what your profile looks like to others.

Google Plus Cheat Sheet – Hot Keys

  • K – “K’ can be used to move to a previous post in your stream.
  • J – “J” can be used to move to the next post in your stream.
  • Q – “Q” can be used to move to chat.
  • Enter – “Enter” can be used to comment on a post in your stream.
  • Space – “Space” can be used to scroll downwards through your stream.
  • Shift + Space:  “shift + Space” can be used to scroll upwards through your stream.
  • Tab + Enter:  “Tab + enter” can be used to post the comments you are currently typing.

This Google Plus Cheat Sheet will help to save time and energy.  However, as stated earlier, Google+ is still relatively new and there will likely be many more features added as well as additions to the Google Plus Cheat Sheet.

Google Plus Cheat Sheet - Infographic

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