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How We Work With You

Every client is different. To have a one-stop solution for every client is a mistake and can cause more harm than good. At Blue Rise Media, we take into account every client’s needs through our “Marketing Intelligence Assessment“.

This Assessment allows us to understand your business needs and goals. In addition, it allows us to perform a detailed analysis of your traffic, website, and social presence. The most important thing it allows us to do though is to determine how to build and enhance your SEO and Social Media Strategy.

Marketing Intelligence Assessment

Your Marketing Intelligence Assessment starts off with a questionnaire, and we’ll analyze the following areas:

  • Company Benchmarks
  • Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy
  • Business Needs
  • On-Site and Off-Site Optimization
  • Social Media Presence
  • Traffic, Sales & Lead Conversions
  • Depth of Visitor Engagement
  • Future Goals and Objectives

Your free consultation will include possible approaches to your online marketing campaigns.

Campaign Strategies

The Assessment also allows us to combine a series of strategies, including the ones listed below:

1. Keyword and Keyword Phrase Analysis

Once we work with you to understand your business and industry, we’ll dig into keyword research. This is an extensive process which few companies spend the time to do correctly. There are hundreds of thousands of keyword terms that your potential client might use to search for your company, and it’s our job to find the best ones for your site. This is usually a combination of search volume versus competing sites versus cost of marketing.

As with many things in marketing, keyword research takes time and experience, and it is more an art form than a science.  We take the difficulty out of keyword research for you and let you know which keywords have the most potential for your business.

2. Content Creation

We talk about content creation throughout our site because it’s one of the most important aspects of a successful website.  Let’s look at three content areas which need special attention:

  1. On-Site Optimization. This includes many things you don’t see when you visit a website.  First, there’s the content on the website itself… Is the information you’re presenting optimized and keyword rich? What is the keyword density? Are there LSI keywords? Are the right things highlighted and bolded, and are there proper links? Behind the scenes, are your images tagged and labeled properly? Are your pages titled correctly? Do you have the right descriptions? And much more! We will look at your website inside-out and see how we can optimize what you have. Be aware, sometimes it’s easier (and less expensive) to create a new website from scratch. It all depends upon the age of your site and how current the data is on the site. Finally, we will keep all this in mind while focusing on customer conversion and maintaining sales effectiveness. Having the right content with the right on-site strategy gives your site the bump it needs in the search engines.
  2. Article Creation. Each keyword term we choose should have a page or article written about that keyword. These articles are keyword dense and written with a greater purpose than just providing good information (which is always critical). The articles are typically between 300 – 500 words (or more) and are well-written, engaging, and informative to ensure they add value to the overall customer experience, as well as, optimized for search engine rankings. Most importantly, articles, blog posts, and good content are added to your site over an extended period of time to show a natural progression and organic growth – both of which search engines love!
  3. Publicity. Effective use of articles, press releases, videos, and other media are critical to your site’s rankings. We call this off-site optimization. Regarding Publicity, we’re not talking about traditional publicity strategies such as TV, Radio, and Magazine print here. We’re talking about developing an internet marketing and publicity machine to promote your message and brand to thousands of people online! By providing good quality content that’s engaging and customer-focused on hundreds of other websites that your target-customers visit and frequent, we achieve two objectives: 1) We create links back to your website by adding information boxes and signature files to each article we share online on a different site; and 2) We build up your reputation as an expert in your field as more and more people see your site’s content. You’ll receive visitors who are not even looking for you because they read your information on a site they were visiting for a different reason. This is one way we get more visitors to your website – by sharing good quality content on other sites!

3. Linking Strategy

Linking Strategy is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization. We work to build proper and “legal” link structures which the search engines like.  This creates a ring of “authority backlinks” to your site and increases your ranking ability.

4. Social Media

Social Media is growing bigger and bigger and is getting more and more popular. Search engines have taken notice and now include social variables in their search algorithms. Tweets, Facebook updates, Google’s “Search Plus Your World” initiative, and other social media are now a staple in Search Engine Optimization. It is imperative that you have a strong Social Media presence with the right Social Media Marketing strategy.

5. RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and it simply means that we will provide RSS feeds to clients for your blog pages. This notifies your RSS Subscribers when you have a new blog post so that they know to visit your site for your new, updated content. In addition, RSS notifies the search engines that there’s new content so that they can factor it into your site’s ranking.

6. Tracking and Analysis

We thoroughly track the data on your site using Analytics. Every month, we will provide you with a detailed report on how well your site is doing and your current ranking on major search engines. In addition, we’ll provide you with information about your site traffic and the behavior of visitors on your site.

7. Traffic Conversion Optimization

Statistics show that over 90% of site visitors leave without ever leaving any kind of information. This, of course, makes it impossible for you to contact them and to ask them how you can help them with what they’re looking for. Our focus at Blue Rise Media is not just to get traffic to your website; it’s to convert the traffic to prospects, and eventually, customers. To do this, we fully analyze your website for any optimization and conversion opportunities. We then focus on content creation which includes the proper client-getting headlines, offers, calls to action, and more. We create multiple opportunities for prospects to contact you and/or leave their information on your site so that you can follow up with them.

Many companies just focus on the traffic. This is a huge mistake – lots of traffic doesn’t necessarily lead to customers. Capturing a visitor’s information and creating the proper sales funnel is one of the things that we specialize in at Blue Rise Media and something that sets us above the competition.

Pricing Models and Our Guarantee

Each client is different and has different needs; therefore, every client contract is different. Pricing is based on the strategies we collectively agree to, based upon your timeframe and your budget. Realize too that different strategies require different timeframes for completion, and most importantly, the search engines like, prefer, and demand organic growth – i.e. growth that occurs naturally over time. Creating 1000 articles and pages on your site in a few weeks is a tell-tale sign that you’re trying to “trick” the search engines into ranking you. Good content shared over weeks and months is what they like to see. So with our typical client, we have a one-time fee for website development and/or optimization. We then discuss a contract period where we are continually optimizing your site for several months and longer. Our average client works with us at least a year or more, because: 1) Search engines love the organic growth that we provide our clients; and 2) Our clients love the results that we produce for them. While we do have short-term strategies for ranking sites, which are search engine safe and friendly, those are again, short-term strategies with short-term results. Businesses, who wish to get ranked properly, and to grow and prosper, understand that it’s a mix of long- and short-term strategies that will provide true search engine optimization success.

Our Guarantee:  Anyone who guarantees a certain number of rankings or that certain keywords will get ranked number one or on the first page of a search engine either has some kind of magic wand or are pulling a fast one with their clients. It’s been said that Google changes its SECRET ranking algorithm at least once a day with major updates every few months. In the first half of 2012, Google released Panda and Penguin – two major updates which had a significant impact on the internet for those sites not doing SEO properly. There are simply too many different variables that factor into optimization to guarantee any placement and rankings, and anyone who tells you otherwise should be avoided at all costs.

What we can guarantee though is the quality of our work and to implement “tried and true” strategies which have a high probability of success. Additionally, our teams of experts are constantly keeping up-to-date on the latest changes to search engines, as well as, social platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.

We believe in what we do so much that when we tell you that we will achieve certain results, we will continue to work to achieve those results, even if our contract with you is over.  In addition, if, after working with us for six months on site and social media optimization, your traffic and conversion is far below expected results and is unsatisfactory to you, we will re-negotiate an extremely reduced fee to continue optimization strategies until reasonable results are achieved and you are satisfied with the results.