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Blue Rise Media offers a comprehensive selection of online marketing services.

Services - Blue Rise Media

We use Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, however, we know that those terms really don’t mean much to most people. We know that what businesses are really looking for is getting more visitors to their website – visitors who will then convert into new customers which are, of course, new sales.

Our focus, therefore, is on getting you results. We will work to understand your business and industry and create an online marketing strategy that reinforces your brand and other marketing efforts. We employ many different services and techniques to accomplish this – focusing on getting you more visitors, and more importantly, converting those visitors into sales or leads.

Several of our services are listed below, but it is by no means a complete list. Since each client is different, we offer many other products and services which are designed to meet your particular needs. Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss your own unique situation. After we get to know and understand your business through your detailed Marketing Intelligence Assessment, we’ll discuss a potential strategy that will fulfill your requests.

Search Engine Optimization

Using a combination of on-site and off-site optimization techniques, our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts will work to get your site ranked higher, improve your site, company, and brand visibility, and create potential leads and customers for your business. We focus on getting organic or natural rankings for the keyword phrases which are relevant to your business and searched for by your clients or prospective clients.

Social Media & Branding

Your marketing message can quickly spread to hundreds and thousands of people through social networks when done properly. Not only is this form of marketing effective, it can be relatively inexpensive compared to the traditional means of marketing such as TV advertising.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts will work with you to create a complete social media branding strategy to tell your story to the right people in the right places. We work to build your presence on the largest and most visible social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, to maximize your visibility effectively and efficiently.

Pay Per Click

Inorganic traffic is also called paid traffic. Most paid traffic comes in the form of Pay Per Click or PPC. This is how Google makes it’s billions! There’s no alternative to PPC when it comes to getting immediate traffic to your site. Our PPC experts will design a keyword optimized marketing campaign looking for the best words at the lowest prices for your marketing strategy. We can and will develop landing pages which work for your ads. And, while most other firms charge you a “maintenance” fee for simply watching your ads after they’ve set them up, we actively manage your campaigns to continually optimize them for the best conversion rates possible.

Website Conversion Optimization

Our focus is getting you results. Website traffic doesn’t mean much unless your site is converting visitors into prospects and leads. We will put together a strategic layout of your website and systematically test and analyze website modules to optimize your site and maximize conversions. This is an extensive process and is not an overnight fix, but the results speak for themselves.

Copywriting & Collateral Development

Copywriting is an art form which many people need and few people have and which is why, like most good works of art, can be a large investment – one well worth it when used and placed properly.  We work to write web copy that invites website interaction and elicits user trust. Properly placed calls to action embedded within the site also encourage people to reach out and contact your company in a non-invasive inviting manner.

You see, we understand that hard pitch selling messages do not work very well, and in fact, turn away customers. Our writing is designed to empower your audience to feel confident in their decision to work with your company. We accomplish this by establishing their trust in your company and reinforcing their interest with your business by sharing valuable information and quantifiable benefits.

Bottom line is: We write to spread your brand message and get you results.

Design Services

Heard of the guy who paid $20,000 for a website and either it was ugly or it was beautiful, but no one saw it? Well we don’t do that. We design websites to optimize the customer experience and get you results. Our focus is to work with you to determine the proper keywords to get your website ranked high on the search engines and drive traffic and conversions. We don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get a website that no one will see. When you invest in a website with us, you’ll receive a good looking, clean, professional website that’s optimized for the search engines. This means higher rankings, more visibility, and more potential customers… All at a fair price.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still considered one of the best strategies for results. When a potential client lands on your website, it’s important to capture their information so you can continue to send them valuable information that they need to make a decision to work with you. Email marketing campaigns allow you to establish your credibility, create a trust relationship, and share specials and discounts with your existing and potential clients. We will work with you to draft a powerful email marketing campaign which provides value to your clients while encouraging them to contact you for more information.

Video Marketing Campaigns

Online Video is exploding!  YouTube reported receiving over 1 TRILLION views in 2011! Over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE! And more and more people are watching video. A video marketing campaign properly designed works well for many reasons. First and foremost, it allows the user to see, hear, and feel you and your business. They get to experience you before they make any commitments, and when they see what you’re capable of achieving, they’ll want to contact you right away.

At Blue Rise Media, we create professional marketing videos at reasonable prices. We don’t charge Hollywood studio rates which can easily drive up marketing costs with little or no results. We focus on short quality videos which can share your company message quickly and easily while engaging the customer. Contact us now to see how we can showcase your business!