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Simple SEO: 8 Simple Search Engine Optimization Steps – INFOGRAPHIC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to increase a website’s visibility by enhancing its value in the search engines.  Theoretically the higher the value of the site in the search engines, the higher it will rank.  High-ranking websites receive the most traffic, as they are the easiest for people to find.

Search Engine Optimization does not have to be difficult.  There are simple SEO steps that can gain a website great recognition.  The following 8 simple Search Engine Optimization Steps are tried and true and will help to position your website for better search engine recognition.

8 Simple Search Engine Optimization Steps:

1.  Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial and a simple SEO step.  When a person searches online they use different words in their search.  These words are called keywords and a web site owner must have knowledge of the most popular keywords for their product or service.  One method used to conduct keyword research and to determine the most popular keywords that people search related to your business is the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool.  With the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool you are able to retrieve how many searches are being conducted for the keywords in question, competitiveness of the keywords, and similar keyword searches related to the keywords in question.

2.  Keyword Rich Domain

Keyword rich domain is the second of the Search Engine Optimization Steps and one that will be based on your keyword research.  Your domain is your website’s address on the Internet and whenever possible it should include your keyword.  Dot com (.com) is a popular domain for business owners and a keyword rich domain address would look something like this:  www.YOURKEYWORD.com.  This is a simple SEO step and one that must be done properly.

3.  The Right Platform – WordPress

WordPress is the best choice to build a site that is user and Google friendly.  This is simply because of the outstanding features that WordPress has to offer.  Search Engine Optimization Steps are made simple with WordPress plugins, the ease of use of the platform and the love of the WordPress platform by the search engines.

4.  Permalinks

Permalinks settings is a simple SEO step that requires you to change your WordPress URL once you post.  Suppose you write a post about your new product, your WordPress URL for that post will look something like this:  mywebsite/?p=889.  This not only looks unattractive, it looks unprofessional and needs to be changed.  You will want to change your permalinks structure to ensure that your keyword is used.  A custom structure, such as, /%postname%/ is a good choice.  Properly naming your post will then result in a URL looking something like: mywebsite/simple-search-engine-optimization-steps.

5.  SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization Steps also include the ability of WordPress plugins.  The addition of plugins adds a great deal of functionality to your website.  Two of the most popular and helpful SEO plugins you have to choose from are All-In-One SEO Pack and Yoast.

6.  Quality Content

Content is King and while it may not be simple SEO, it is one of the most important of the Search Engine Optimization Steps.  When you create content, whether for your website or for marketing, you want fresh content that is relevant to your product or service, is interesting and provides value to your readers.  The first few lines will capture or lose your viewers attention.  Keeping your content interesting and something that the reader is likely to pass around, will not only ensure you have quality content, it will most likely keep visitors on your site longer and bring new visitors to your site as well.

7.  Social Media

Each business needs to have a social media presence.  Facebook and Twitter are must haves.  Each time you create content, make sure you blast it to your social media sites.  This is a simple SEO step and one that will help with your SEO campaign as it keeps your message in front of your follows and will helps drives traffic to your site.

8.  Backlinks

The last of the simple Search Engine Optimization Steps is backlinks.  Following the steps above should lead to some solid on and off page SEO.  There are various means to generate backlinks such as forum posting, article directories, classifieds and so on.  The backlinks should be quality links that lead to the quality content on your website.

Search Engine Optimization Steps are not always difficult; they can be very time consuming and not knowing what you are doing can sometimes cause more problems than not doing the 8 Simple SEO steps at all.

8 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Steps - Infographic

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