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Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic

Want visitors coming back to your site?

Here are some tips you should consider implementing in order to make that happen:

  • Make frequent updates to your website pages. Static and stagnant sites have been known to be dropped by some search engines. If you don’t make frequent updates to your pages, then continually add more pages with new content.
  • Recommend other complimentary websites and include links to their sites. The search engines like to see “outgoing” links or links which go off your site and onto some other site. If you sell printers, then have links to some websites that sell ink or paper. Just make sure they compliment your business and don’t compete with you.
  • Have something for customers and visitors to opt-in to. This could be a monthly newsletter, free report, or informational booklet. Once they’ve opted-in, then you can send them reminders, offers, and specials to come back to your site.
  • Add social media share links and a ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ link on your site so visitors can easily share good content to their friends and family.
  • Use consistent branding on your site. Make sure the look and feel of all the pages is the same so visitors know what site they are on. Don’t make every page different as it will confuse your visitors.
  • Create “Disclaimers”, “Policy”, and “Terms and Conditions” pages to let visitors know exactly what to expect from your site and business.
  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page on your site where visitors can look for answers for their own questions. Most of the questions that someone has have probably already been asked by someone else.
  • Use easy to understand and specific page titles on your website so a visitor can quickly and easily find their way back to your or page if they forget to bookmark a page.
  • Do not spam a client or send them unsolicited emails. Always provide them with a method to “opt out” of your mailings. Focus on those who join your list, not those who leave your list. While they may come back sometime if they like your product or service, your energy needs to be on those who are already there and those who may potentially buy from you in the future.

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