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What is Social Media Optimization?


Social Media Optimization, commonly referred to as SMO, is an Internet Marketing Strategy that uses a variety of Social Media outlets to increase the online visibility of a business or personal brand. Originating in 2006, Social Media Optimization has become a core component of any effective Online Marketing Strategy.

What Is Social Media?

In the early days of Social Media Optimization, the primary focus was on improving web traffic through backlinks, social bookmarking sites like Technorati and Delicious, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Today, the most successful Social Media Strategies still concentrate on these key components, but also take advantage of Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase their impact. Social Media refers to a range of sites and online platforms that encourage users to interact on a more personal level than traditional static websites can provide.

The Benefits of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization builds a community around a brand and the related content. This community creates the ultimate word of mouth advertising platform where properly optimized content can spread to thousands of users within a matter of minutes. Successful Social Networking Strategies can increase web traffic and online visibility with very little effort from you. Social Media Optimization can improve search rankings and generate new leads, and is the key to effective online branding. SMO also strengthens communication between businesses and their consumers.

Core Components of SMO

As with most Online Marketing Strategies, the foundation to effective Social Media Optimization is original, high quality content. This includes written content, such as articles and blog posts, as well as multimedia content such as audio files, video, and images. Unique content that educates or entertains the user is worth sharing, which is the primary goal of Social Media Strategies. While this is very similar to SEO, the difference is that Social Media Optimization is an interactive give-and-take relationship. There’s more to a good Social Networking Strategy than sharing quality content.

Making Social Media Optimization Work for You

The primary reason Social Media Strategies fail is because the social aspect is neglected. Successful online branding through Social Media Optimization requires interaction. Today’s online market is much more personal than it was a few years ago, and a good SMO strategy takes advantage of this. A successful Social Marketing Campaign incorporates several different Social Media platforms and effectively engages the community with two-way sharing and communication. Those who share your content should be rewarded, and you should add value to the community by sharing the worthwhile content of others as well as sharing your own.

Not building an online presence for your business or personal brand could mean the difference in success and failure. A website alone is not enough in today’s interactive online society. Social Media Optimization is the key to increased web traffic and effective online branding, and will also allow you to establish a trusting relationship between you and your audience. A good Social Networking Strategy can have a tremendous impact on your business as well as your profits.

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