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Your Blog & Social Media Connections: Blog It, Share It

Blue Rise Media - Social Media & Blogging

Social Media is one of the broadest-reaching methods of online advertising these days, so making the best use of it is critical to the overall success of a business. Creating a blog and linking it to a social network account is a wonderful way to drive website traffic and increase the overall customer base.

Creating the Blog

The first step in sharing content via Social Media sites is creating the actual blog. This process involves determining the target audience, choosing a topic, writing an informational yet entertaining piece, and then ensuring that it is free from spelling and grammar errors. Business owners and marketing specialists must also decide at what frequency they would like to post new blogs and they must also ensure that the content is suitable for everyone who has access to it. Online branding must be done subtly in order to be effective. There is no better way than to create a blog that is interesting and filled with information related to the products and services being offered.

Optimizing with Keywords

Another thing to consider when using Social Media strategies for advertising is whether or not the article will be optimized with keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which a writer works keywords and phrases into the content completely naturally so that the blog is easily indexed by the major search engines. For instance, including the words ‘best pizza maker’ throughout the blog every 100 words or so will help to ensure that the article is among the first few results pages whenever a consumer enters that phrase into the search field. Content that is SEO friendly, but still reads naturally, is the best type to link to Social Media network accounts.

Blue Rise Media - Social Media & Blogging

Linking to Social Media Sites

After the blog post has been written and optimized with keywords, the next step in the process involves actually linking it to Social Media networks. The best way to do this is to host the blog on the company website and provide permanent links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. Whenever a new post is added, it is also helpful to send a ‘Tweet’ or update the company status with a direct link to the new post, as well as a short description of what the post is about. This process holds the consumers’ interest and ensures that they do not forget about the company website.

Gaining Readership

Increasing readership and website traffic with Social Media Marketing (SMM) is something that takes time. While most businesses will notice a slight increase in traffic almost immediately, the real results take months or even a year to be realized. When businesses provide links to their new blog posts on social media sites, this presents an opportunity for the readers to ‘like’ the post; this act shows up in the reader’s activity and more people are sure to follow. Readers can also ‘recommend’ or ‘Re-Tweet’ the post, calling direct attention to it and increasing website visitors 24 hours a day.

Blog posts and Social Media sites go hand-in-hand in the Internet Marketing business, so company owners and marketing specialists should make the most of this opportunity. Following the tips listed above, and creating content that is interesting and perhaps even fun to read, can make a huge difference in a business’ level of success.

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